Tips for Designing Your Own Website

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Everything is online these days so making your website look amazing, is crucial to the success of your business.A badly designed website can means customers don’t interact with it or lose interest, and you can lose custom. Making sure your website functions, looks great, and is useful to your customers is of the utmost importance these days. Following these tips can mean that you can achieve this success, you would be surprised how many businesses fail because of a bad website! Building your website with these ideas in mind, gives you all the chances for success, it’s up to you to achieve the rest.

Design with the Customer in mind

If you were coming to this website for the first time, what kind of things would you need and want? Having clear information, and a website that is easy to navigate, is essential. Who is your demographic? Younger people might be able to navigate a slightly more complicated system, while using bigger fonts and breaking down information a bit more than usual may suit older customers. While it can be tempting to harvest information from prospective customers and encourage the to buy expensive products and contact you directly, you have to think about what the customer wants. While some sales gimmicks are useful, manipulating your customers, often doesn’t work you how you want it to. Be nice to your customers, tend to their needs, and put the first. This will create a much better customer experience, and will encourage the to come back again.

Use Conversational English

While it can be good to sound sophisticated, or perhaps your product needs to be described using specialist jargon, try to leave this out as much as possible. Using English that is conversational has a much better outcome than formal language. This way your customer can understand your website a lot easier, and they feel they are talking to a human being, than a brick wall. This means information can be understood a lot more clearly, making the process of selling your product or service, a simple one.


Pictures do tell a thousand stories, so make sure to utilise them. This makes your website more readable as the page is broken up by pictures, and can also help to communicate things about your services to customers. Including pictures of your product, your employees, and where you are based, creates a good relationship with the customer. This tells them who you are, puts a name to a face, and establishes you as a legitimate business, but more importantly as people. This means you don’t have to waste precious space relaying boring information, and you can get straight to the point when by telling your customers essential information about your product.

Designing a website can be challenging so here is some more advice for you: Whether you go at it alone, or hire a professional, hopefully this advice will give you an idea of what to look out for. Keeping these ideas in mind, will get you a successful website.

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