Tips for Designing Your Own Website

This post is contributed post is by Jason Dirkham

Everything is online these days so making your website look amazing, is crucial to the success of your business.A badly designed website can means customers don’t interact with it or lose interest, and you can lose custom. Making […]

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How to Turn Down a Low Ball Price

You have seen this play out many different times.  You send a proposal to a promising client and they come back to say your price is too expensive. They make you to work at a low ball price. The problem is that you want the work. More accurately, […]

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#456 John Tantillo Shares What Small Businesses Can Learn From Donald Trump’s Political Branding (Even If You Don’t Agree With Him)


In this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about how, regardless of your political leanings, Donald Trump is a brilliant branding expert. We’ll show you what you can learn from political branding to benefit your business. Then, we’ll talk to the owner of a company […]