No Fooling: Why Fake News Matters for Small Business


April Fool’s Day is not as fun anymore especially since fake news is now everywhere. In fact, for many consumers, it’s hard to identify what the truth actually is.

Fake news is a story that is false which is invented for traffic, ad revenue or a specific political purpose. […]

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#423 Historian Gordon Leidner Shares the Leadership Secrets of Hamilton



On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about our founding fathers and what we can learn from them about leadership and business today. Then, we’ll help you navigate the benefits and burdens of family-owned businesses. Plus, we’ll discuss what actually went wrong with […]

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How to Punch Your Landlord in the Face on Your Lease Renewal

punch landlordThis guest post is by Carrie Wood, Co-founder at Lease Ref.

Commercial real estate decisions and lease renewals are typically only made by businesses every 5 or 10 years, since those are the typical lengths for lease terms.

Unfortunately, that does not bode well for the tenant who wants […]

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Are You Getting Referrals or Just Asking for Them?

Getting ReferralsGetting referrals are a critical part of any growing small business. But there is a big difference between asking for them and getting referrals from past customers. Both are important, both are involve different marketing strategies that need to be consistently practiced.

Getting Referrals

What they are: This is […]

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#422 Meg Schmitz Forecasts the Small Business Climate Under the Trump Administration, Plus Hal Shelton Shares the Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan



On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about the many rules and regulations – namely health insurance and immigration – that are changing under the new Trump Administration and what the impact on small businesses will be. Then, we’ll show you why business […]

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Should You Grow Revenue or Cut Expenses to Boost Profit?

Grow revenue and cut expenses

The dilemma on whether to grow revenue or cut expenses to increase profitability has perplexed small business owners for generations. In frustration, many decide that they want to do both at the same time! Typically, this is not realistic.

The correct answer on whether […]

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