What Small Business Can Learn from the Champion Chicago Cubs

World Series Champion Chicago Cubs

Even as I type the title to this blog post, I can barely believe that the Cubs are World Series Champions after 108 years.

I grew in Connecticut as a Boston Red Sox Fans. I had every player’s photo hanging in my […]

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The Easy Way to Shop for Small Business Insurance


In recent years, shopping for small business insurance for employees has become very difficult. With the new procedures and rules around the Affordable Healthcare Act, it has become nothing short of a nightmare to navigate for many small business owners.

UnitedHealthcare asked me to review their site that […]

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Early Guerilla Marketing by Gino’s East at Chase For Business

facebook-liveAt the Chase for Business event last month, I was also able to interview Festive Foods CEO, Mike Holmgren whose company makes the famous Gino’s East frozen pizza about their early guerilla marketing tactics. Watch the Facebook Live post!



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The Best and Worst Parts About Being a Small Business Owner

Business OwnerIn life, there are always trade offs. Most small business owners would agree that there are some really great parts about owning your own company and some pretty horrible parts.

According to SurePayroll’s Small Business Scorecard, one of the best parts of being a small […]

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The Chase for Business Experience: Chicago

Daymond John at Chase

After running three businesses, I found that it was lonely at the top. After 35 years, I now know that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are events that come to Chicago like the Chase for Business Conference, which I attended […]

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What Symantec Doesn’t Understand About Channel Pricing

nortonWhen it comes to distribution of almost anything, the world is now flat. That means, that anyone
can easily check to see if they are getting a product at the lowest price. Symantec seems to
forget that channel pricing for the same product is transparent must be consistent.

I have […]

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